Welcome to Vigorous Materials Corporation

Welcome to Vigorous Materials Corporation

Welcome to Vigorous Materials CorporationWelcome to Vigorous Materials Corporation

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Shawn Agosta - Sculptor / Innovator


I have been sculpting with paper material since 1988, pushing the boundaries of its potential for decades. I wanted to take sculpture to the walls and to do so, I needed a lightweight material to build what I envisioned. Recycled paper was readily available, and I could get it for free. It was the perfect solution and allowed me to explore its potential through a creative process. In 2012 I began an innovative process that led me to the development of a green building material that embodies the ideals of sustainability and has the properties to take on the form of a broad scope of products for the building industry. The company that I am building, Vigorous Materials, seeks to create products that offer viable solutions that support robust infrastructures and the environment. The properties of the building material when manufactured are as follows: the material exhibits strength while maintaining a reduced weight, is fire retardant, sound dampening, mold-resistant, insect repellent, and has been tested to demonstrate no emissions of hazardous VOC’s. The form-ability of the material is its strongest attribute opening the door for envisioning a broad scope of products that include: drywall aspects, ceiling tiles, floor sheathings, acoustic tiles, textured wallboards, artificial stone/brick aspects, crown molding, green plywood, decorative casts, insulation core inserts, soundproofing aspects for ships and automobiles, particleboard furniture as well as other potential applications that the material is conducive to and determined to have value in the building industry marketplace. The demand for sustainable products establishes the opportunity for a customer base that seems unlimited.

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