We have been very busy the past 10 weeks working in the Fledge Business Accelerator. We have had the privilege of working with some of the most inspiring individuals in the world…both here in Seattle and across the globe…from the Philippines to Africa. The mentors and investors we met with have shared their broad expertise and contacts with us and will be absolutely instrumental as we navigate the journey ahead in continuing to build Vigorous Materials Corporation.

We are gaining significant traction in key areas of development and potential early opportunities to explore for testing and manufacturing. Next week we travel to Spokane to speak with someone who has a breadth of experience in the drywall industry as well as meet up with someone from Washington State University to discuss their Composite Materials & Engineering Center. Today we had a conference call with Queensland University of Technology in Australia, who we will be working with to test materials that are being developed in cellulose water proofing….very exciting!IMG_0671